Monday, September 30, 2013

Buying the House

Life has been really great. Tim got a new job at E-trade and in order for him to secure/keep that job he had to pass two super  hard investment tests to be certified to work with stocks, investments, bonds etc...the series 7 and the 63. Well my hubby is a stud, he rocked both tests on the first try and so now his job is definitely secure. WhooHoo! To celebrate? We thought we'd buy a house.

We are currently in the process of buying the home we have been living in the last two years. Tim's Dad bought the home when his oldest son was married and in school to help the kids out, especially when they started having kids. He's a really great Grandpa who wanted to make sure the kids could live in a nice neighborhood and have some help while in school. All of Tim's siblings have lived in this house except for his little sister who isn't married yet.

We are excited to really settle into this house, ward, and neighborhood and make some family roots here.

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